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Off The Map

Assuming you didn't grow up under a rock, chances are at some point in your life, society handed you a map.

This map, devised from cultural & environmental factors, would serve as a guide; a set of directions and goalposts for how to live our lives, how to interact with others. Go here, study this, do that job, be this person, marry that person by this age... then, we'll find happiness.


But if we never stop to question this map... we might just find ourselves trapped by the momentum of our own lives, hurtling down a road toward someone else's destination. Taking us further and further away from the path we actually desire to be on, from the person we actually are.

I call this state: autopilot.

If you suspect you might be on autopilot, ask yourself this:

If you were to die tomorrow, are you fulfilled with the life you are living?

Then, ask yourself:

If you had a year left to live, would you do anything differently? 

What if your truest life lies outside of this map? What if... there was no map at all? Nothing and no one telling you what should make you happy... only the compass you hold... right there... inside you. It's time to take the wheel.

In 2019, my inner compass led me to realising the person I wanted to build my life and family with, my best friend of over 14 years. In 2020, she moved to LA and we entered into a life partnership, one that would later gain international recognition: my platonic life partnership (now, platonic marriage). Turns out, what seemed like a "crazy" idea actually made sense to a lot of people. The number 1 comment across all platforms our story reached was: "Why didn't I know I could do this?"

Newsflash: You can do anything you want (with compassion)!


This marked the start of my journey using a different navigation system for life altogether –– one led not by convention or societal expectations, but by intuition, creativity & authenticity, 

My mission is to equip you with these tools. To empower you in cultivating your own internal GPS that will steer you toward a life of genuine fulfilment... and it all starts at square one: discovering who you truly are. It's never too late to be that person.

Autopilot disengaged.

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