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Platonic Life Partnership

Note: All opinions stated below are reflective of the time they were recorded (2020 - 2022). Although my perspectives on relationships have since evolved, my platonic life partnership is still going strong and is still a cornerstone of my life & personal development. Thus, I've chosen to leave these interviews up in case they might resonate with others out there and help them find their own truth. 


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My PLP Went Viral on TikTok & People Have Lots of Questions About It

ABC News

PLPs Redefine Commitment

ELLE Singapore

PLP: An Unconventional Romance

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PLPs Breaking Societal Norms

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PLPs: Living Life With Your Best Friend


PLP Marks End of the Nuclear Family


PLPs on the Rise


Long Live PLP

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F*ck Happily Ever After

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Inside 3 PLPs

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All You Need Is Love: The Friends Who Became Platonic Life Partners

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Here's What PLP Really Means


Best Friends, But Make It Official


Doing It! Podcast

PLP & Demisexuality

Audacious WNPR Radio Show

BFFs For Real: Life as PLPs

Committed Podcast

Platonic Life Partner

HAGS: Feminism For Everyone Podcast


ABC Nightline

PLPs Redefine What It Means To Be Committed

What's Your Position? Podcast

PLP: Choosing To Do Life With Your Best Friend

Triple J Radio – The Hook Up

F*ck Happily Ever After

Today FM Radio

All You Need Is Love: The Friends Who Became Platonic Life Partners

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Platonic Life Partnership with April Lee

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Platonic Life Partners?! Tell Us More!

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LA Best Friends in Platonic Relationship

BRUT. America Interview

What is a Platonic Life Partnership?

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