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Need a tour guide . . . ?

So you're ready to drive off the map into the wild unknown... but where to begin?

Intimacy can be boiled down to one word: truth.
The truth has its own wings, set it free.

Tough love tarot

As your tour guide, I offer intimate Tarot & Oracle readings to guide you back to you


My style of reading is intuitive, psychology-based and channeled from the heart. Contrary to popular myth, Tarot readings are not meant to predict the future. They are a tool to explore the subconscious brain and cultivate greater self-awareness within the individual. (Think a Rorschach test: whether a paint splatter looks like a sword or a hot dog to you, reveals a lot about your subconscious thoughts and feelings.)

~ Disclaimers ~

The goal of any reading is never to tell you what you want to hear. In the cards, unfolds a story. I will read you that story and guide you toward the answers that are already inside you; likely the ones that you've been avoiding. The more honest you are with yourself, the more in depth the readings will be. I recommend this only to those who are ready to meet themselves at the deepest level. 

  • Not here to convert you into or out of any religion.

  • Not here to give you all the answers, only to ask the right questions.

  • Not here to give you another set of rules to follow;

discernment and healthy common sense pair well with any advice offered 👼🏻

Exclusively in-person, currently based in Singapore. 

Tarot Menu

Not your average hit it & quit it Tarot reader.

My goal is to invest in your journey of self-discovery and watch you love yourself fully! I also enjoy couple readings & group readings to foster intimacy between you and those you trust.


All sessions include intuitive guidance & your astrology analysis relevant to the reading.



Duration: ~ 1 hour

A classic reading focuses on a general message of guidance or a specific situation in your life you're seeking clarity on. 

  • 11 card Tarot pull

  • 2 card Oracle pull



Duration: ~  2 hours

A couples reading is 2 classic readings for each individual, plus an extended assessment of how each reading correlates to the other to form a larger narrative. Not limited to romantic couples.

  • 11 card Tarot pull x 2

  • 2 card Oracle pull x 2

  • 3 card tandem Tarot pull

  • 1 card tandem Oracle pull


$150 / hour

Duration: 3 hour minimum

For private parties, public events or individual readings done in a group setting. Each reading will be an express version of the Classic,
~ 20-30 minutes each. Flexible to designing readings according to event needs & constraints.

Tarot Your heart out
(private lesson)


Duration: ~ 4 hours

Every reader has a unique style of reading. Tarot is about more than just the technical skills & knowledge, it's about channeling your unique voice & wisdom into a multisensory experience.


Learn the origins of Tarot and how to read the cards for yourself & others. This session will cover all Tarot basics (meaning of cards, spreads, how to weave a cohesive story) – but it will focus on who YOU are, and how to use the cards to experience yourself & others in a creative way.


Tarot is merely the wand, you are the magic.


  • complimentary Classic reading

  • traditional Rider-Waite Tarot cards
    they say you should always be gifted your first deck!)




Duration: + 15 minutes

Think of this feature as a magnifying glass. An additional card will be pulled for each card in the 11 card reading; to receive further clarification & in-depth analysis on the subject.

  • 11 additional Tarot cards



Duration: + 30 minutes

A narrative-based reading using only Oracle cards. Every Oracle deck is based on a unique theme – science, fantasy, Taoism etc. – providing more colour, detail & mysticism to your reading.

  • 7 - 11 Oracle cards

But first... are we a good match?

I'll get back to you within 3 business days!

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